What Is Paragraph Unity?

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How to Write a Unified Paragraph

In order to express points clearly and effectively, writers should construct paragraphs that are well developed, coherent, and unified.
When you do an essay for me, ideas within a paragraph should flow smoothly from one to the next, and subordinate ideas should be related to the main idea presented in the topic sentence. If this smooth transition does not occur, however, and if ideas are not related to the topic sentence, a paragraph is considered “lacking in unity;” and when paragraphs lack unity, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for readers to follow a writer’s line of thought.

What Is a Paragraph?

A paragraph is a distinct section or subdivision dealing with a particular point a writer wishes to make within a written work, whether that work is an essay, article, letter, story, or memo.

Although typically, paragraphs contain three to five sentences, some are much longer and some shorter. According to the thesis writing service, it’s possible for a paragraph to contain only one sentence. The length, though, usually depends upon what one is writing; for example, the standard paragraph is generally longer in a book than in a news article, essay, or student paper; and in story dialogue, paragraphs are oftentimes extremely short.

The Structure of a Paragraph

The structure of the typical paragraph is the same as that of an essay: introduction, supporting sentences, and conclusion. Consequently, the average paragraph contains an introductory sentence, which is often the topic sentence; supporting sentences that offer details and examples; and a concluding sentence that provides closure and prepares the reader to move on to the next paragraph.

The Topic Sentence

The topic sentence is similar to the thesis statement of an essay since it presents the main point the writer intends to make, although in this instance it’s the main point of the paragraph. Since this is the case, if the topic sentence is formulated first, it can help writers not only remain focused but also maintain paragraph unity.

Writers should also make sure that each sentence within a paragraph is related to the main point. In fact, they should keep this point constantly in mind; otherwise, they may find themselves inserting unrelated information, which will result in a loss of paragraph unity.

Arrangement of Sentences

Sentences should be arranged in the most appropriate order based upon content and the writer’s goal, and these choices for an arrangement include:

Achieve Unity by Linking Ideas

In order to achieve paragraph unity, writers can utilize several methods:

The goal of all writers is, or at least should be, to express their thoughts so that readers will easily understand them; and writers are far more likely to achieve this goal if the paragraphs they write are well developed, coherent, and unified.

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